Monday, June 28, 2010

Do You Really Want Change?

As our pleading cries for peace ring out
a night swallows all sound
this eerie night echoes
and in response they give violence
as the bound and tied cry out
their pleas and cries

Amidst our blackened and cry filled sky
a car burns
set ablaze by individuals unknown
yet we all took our turn
yet still as guilty
turning blind eyes to the violence

But why this violence
these bricks thrown
this glass shattered
these faces spat in
but why this violence
your limbs broken
for an ill begot notion?
harsh words spoken

And what returned
a news article of a car burned
by the criminals at hand
"We defend this land!"
no message was sent
no moral was shown
no change now known
instead ensued chaos
And for good reason
for what does this accomplish
this unneeded excess
this anger
this hate
what does it solve
when our streets run
with the blood of

So 20 nations met
and the wealthy conspire
are they not the crooks
who gain from our unrewarded tire?
as we toiled and sweat
engulfed in their labour
they looked down upon us

their labor?

And so we now protest
that they have decided
to use our city
so what if they do this?
what does your violence do
what does it change
what does it prove

Le capitalisme c'est la mort.
ils sont riches parce que nous sommes pauvres.
mais pas par la violence que nous changer les chose.
que dans la paix allons-nous faire de gains.

You have no reason for anger
for you stood back
stood back and watched
you are to blame
for the richly insane

And if you want change
implement it yourself
their factories stop running
they don't run them themselves
they rely on you
and all of us here
what better a protest
than one they'll really

But these are ideas
ideas unheard
but who will believe
and implement change
turn this dark sky
bright yellow again

We can all do it
but the question remains
will you take up violence
or do you really want


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