Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Idiocy Of Today

a society where the occupants consumed posion in order to procure a certian feeling. Now imagine that they did this time and time again fully knowing that they were: a- posioning themselves and, b- that in this process they were fully harming themselves and that for the few hours of impairment they would in turn suffer harm and sickness. Sounds fun, logical and sane, right? No?

Welcome to the idiocy of today.

The Idiocy of Today:
An amazing fun loving society where small amounts of pleasure that have severely harmful consequences are undertaken fully knowing of the consequential coming sickness. Where sticks of death are burned and inhaled in order to rid stress, look "cool" and other countless reasons. All this done with the knowledge that inhaling can and most likely will harm and eventually kill the inhalee. These sticks burned and inhaled over and over despite numerous campaigns which ban inhaling inside, within a certian amount of feet, plaster the effects of inhaling (blackened, dying lungs) all over cartons of deathsticks and raise awareness of the countless reasons not to inhale.

Sounds good doesn't it? its The Idiocy Of Today, the ingenuity of the human being.

The Idiocy Of Today:
Where organic substances are smoked despite the knowledge that they kill brain cells, reduce memories and cause longterm schizophrenia.
Welcome to The Idiocy Of Today where somehow harming ones self for small amounts of short term enjoyment and pleasure is THE thing to do.


- Joel

Musical Quote of the Day:

you're gonna carry that weight,
Carry that weight a long time.
I never give you my pillow,
I only send you my invitations,
And in the middle of the celebrations I break down.
The Beatles, Carry That Wieght

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Yearning: Past, Present or Future

It seems like sometimes the human soul or heart or whatever it may be (I'm calling it the soul for lack of a better term) excites itself for no apparent reason.. nothing but the state of excitement.

But as humans what benefits us more, living in the past or future? Both which making living in the present so much more bearable. Both which excite the human being. A simple revert to times gone may be enjoyable and worthwhile but is it necessary or does it just create a yearning for something long gone, something unachievable? Like reliving a dead relationship in one's mind it only furthers dead thoughts of what could have been.

The future is a different matter, living one's hopes and dreams vicariously through the mind may be motivation for achievement but does it cloud present judgment or serve as a unachievable standard thereby setting one's self up for letdown and self perceived failure?

Why is it that the soul yearns for things other than the present, be them dreams in the future or memories in the past? Why is the present so taboo? so unwanted? Is the present not what forms the past and the future? Both stem from it do they not? And yet the present is so hard to accept and live in. It just seems easier to live in the past or the future and maybe this is because the present holds the most potential for hurt while the past will be unwavering and the future is yet to be decided.

Maybe if one truly believes in the present and lives regardless of the potential for hurt, the soul will respond by yearning for each day rather than for the past and the future.

Living in the present

Musical Quote of the post:
"We are very busy people"- The Limousines