Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It's a New Era

As I sit alone in my room, Bon Iver echoes throughout the underground dwelling I now call home. As I contemplate how much life has changed lately, I smile, because it is good. I've moved and am now procrastinating producing poetry for my university course. I spent about 2 hours learning today, about things that I love. I spent even more time sitting on luscious grass basking in the sun. Oh, the life I lead.

Welcome to University.

Life is good and I am no longer the confused aimless youth who created this blog, rather I am now a driven confused aimless youth who will continue writing this blog.

So here we go.

I went to school today, as I am supposed to. Following my film studies class I went to my favourite spot, to start and finish work, lo and behold was I in for a surprise. Lying there on the ground were empty Starbucks cups and an array of litter.

I really don't get it. How can people be so inconsiderate? I mean is 3 minutes of such strenuous labour really that bad. The garbage can wasn't 5 feet away. Sometimes I become disillusioned with the people we share this world with. It seems as time goes on they get more and more unbearable, whether it be their unfailing inconsideration or their arrogance, it just doesn't seem as if I, or many of the people I hold near and dear, are of the same species. The thing that gets me is that if trends don't change it's these type of people that will end up becoming our lawyers and CEO's and they, undoubtedly, will not change.

But what can you do short of stooping to their level.

In other news I have a band everyone needs to listen to. A friend of mine from my Film Art class, Sway, is the lead singer and man has he got a set of pipes:


Check them out, they're well worth your time! They also put on a hell of a live show.

Well I'm off to finish some poetry.


Thursday, August 5, 2010

She Asks

I'm alone in this room.
Forever looms.
Screaming sickness.
A new delusion.

I look away in fear.
I look down.
"Why?", You ask.
Don't we all?
Let's wait for the fall.


And as we crawl we feel progression but really we achieve nothing but a downward fall.

The night is dark
my eyes a shadow
a preconceived notion
of ill sought devotion
I long to belong

an empty room
slowly fills
as I keep up
wallowing in hops
the lights dim
the lights spin
still the puzzle piece
no one lifts

The street lights casting
a new world basking
in pale yellow rays
a hopeful sight
amongst these
dark grays

they whiz
just like that
and again reminded

darkness falls
hard and cold

a hearse
these traditional seeds
is it not time

we try something


And Your Eyes

and your eyes
as blue as diamonds
rough hair inviting me
red lips denying me
all I seek

to get lost here with us
that is something
that is something to behold
as we scream
at the top of our lungs
breath vanishing


you don't see
you're blind
we'll toss you in
in this bleeding sea
you grope and search


that's all you are
fucked beyond recognition
our collective voice
has power
has love

now we leave
sun and sky
go by

and we wait

we wait for the sun to run out

this page to run out

this ink to run out

us to run


Monday, June 28, 2010

Do You Really Want Change?

As our pleading cries for peace ring out
a night swallows all sound
this eerie night echoes
and in response they give violence
as the bound and tied cry out
their pleas and cries

Amidst our blackened and cry filled sky
a car burns
set ablaze by individuals unknown
yet we all took our turn
yet still as guilty
turning blind eyes to the violence

But why this violence
these bricks thrown
this glass shattered
these faces spat in
but why this violence
your limbs broken
for an ill begot notion?
harsh words spoken

And what returned
a news article of a car burned
by the criminals at hand
"We defend this land!"
no message was sent
no moral was shown
no change now known
instead ensued chaos
And for good reason
for what does this accomplish
this unneeded excess
this anger
this hate
what does it solve
when our streets run
with the blood of

So 20 nations met
and the wealthy conspire
are they not the crooks
who gain from our unrewarded tire?
as we toiled and sweat
engulfed in their labour
they looked down upon us

their labor?

And so we now protest
that they have decided
to use our city
so what if they do this?
what does your violence do
what does it change
what does it prove

Le capitalisme c'est la mort.
ils sont riches parce que nous sommes pauvres.
mais pas par la violence que nous changer les chose.
que dans la paix allons-nous faire de gains.

You have no reason for anger
for you stood back
stood back and watched
you are to blame
for the richly insane

And if you want change
implement it yourself
their factories stop running
they don't run them themselves
they rely on you
and all of us here
what better a protest
than one they'll really

But these are ideas
ideas unheard
but who will believe
and implement change
turn this dark sky
bright yellow again

We can all do it
but the question remains
will you take up violence
or do you really want


Thursday, March 18, 2010


She stayed
behind the glass
a flower
trapped in a vase
though this one of her own choosing

So much more
could be yours
they say
but she stays
or just spent?
sick of fallen dreams
ill thought means
of achievement?

she was loved once
now just for one thing
but not her as a being
it’s her body’s worth
it’s flaunted
and taunted
this is her choice
to remain
whilst others

but is it
a choice
or a forceful
put about
by you and I
and the world at large
the failure
of the fellow man
refusal to lend
just one
helping hand

so she stays
and for how long
will she

Dedicated to the prostitute who looked at me with sad, depressed, longing eyes from behing her glass cage in Amsterdam.

Disclosure: I was there for tourist/thought provoking reasons only

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Do you think you could prise off your own skin
make it kneel down like they before Benny Hinn
a crack of the neck
a twist of the bin
and just like that we descend into sin
do we live in our own minds
or do our minds live in us
telling us just what we can touch
impervious to the interiors
the exterior is the one to blame
the influences
the subliminal
by god its just a shame
is it the pollution that pollutes
or are we just breathing in
excrement and
dwelling in our pain
lets just


the snap of the light
the crackling sight
whats missing
the magician's dove
or the never present
cynical love