Thursday, January 14, 2010

A follower

Natalie "unknown middle name" Loney is the first follower of this blog and it is an honour. I would like to personally thank you Nabi and will grant you a signed photocopy of all original posts. I am honoured.
Seriously though I'm humbled I had no idea I would gain followers. Thanks Cuz!!
Love yah,
see you when I get back.

Life is an Atacama Desert

I don't know what I want
nor what I need
and every time I do
my mind rescinds on me
a human Pandora's box
that I am
all secrets even to me
search if you please
for I am at odds even to the purpose of me
and I am at odds to the point of it all
is not life just an Atacama Desert
you wander and wander
and find naught.....................................Nothing
nothing at all

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Unsatisfiable Human Nature

The mind works in mysterious ways does it not?
Whilst doing one thing it nonetheless yearns for the opposite. Never really allowing an accurate view or appraisal of what the human nature naturally yearns for. When doing one thing it seems as if the mind becomes fed up with the natural, the routine. Maybe this a reason that routine becomes so undesirable and unappealing?

But this revelation begs the question why a break from routine is so hard to accept. We become bored with routine and long for something new and afresh but really once opportunity presents its self it becomes daunting and almost foreboding in a sense, striking fear of the unknown and new, the yet to come, the very thing that has been wanted for so long suddenly seems to be that which is most fearful. Why? But even once this fear is overcome and triumphed, the very experience which we now are about experience becomes that which we wished to escape in the first place.
From the mundane to the mundane. Human nature can never be satisfied, always yearning for more, for that inevitable break from routine, which in turn we fear and then loath.

so whats the point?
Is there really a point to all this or will we as human and with this unsatisfiable nature never be satisfied. Should we continue searching for more for that which will not become mundane or is it futile?
Is it worth it or will we never be satisfied, never find what we are looking for? Maybe our human nature is just that, unsatisfiable. Human nature is an unsatisfiable urge to experience more and more, never ending and truly meaning that all who live are living unsatisfied, yearning for more yet constrained by society's binding rules, that which cannot be denied and must be followed.

So has society put this dilemma upon us condemning our thirst for more by dictating that life must be a beast of routine, that should not be altered and changed. Condemning all that allow this dictation to control to live unsatisfied and left wanting keeping these feeling suppressed and undetected lest forbid someone discover that there truly is a want for more.

Maybe what I'm attempting at is that I just feel as if the world is discouraging the following of dreams. The current society norm just doesn't seem to encourage following all five thousand different things I want to experience. But then again I haven't been known for following the norm.

As the English say, I'll get it sorted.


Mediocrity is my greatest fear
it binds me
and winds me
till the explode
mediocrity is my greatest fear
to strive for it all
and fail
to just fall
stop short of it all
a noone
not someone
mediocrity is my greatest fear
to attempt it all
and yet appear
to fail and fall
mediocrity strikes fear
in here
in me.
That is what I fear
to always second guess
look through the tinted lens