Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It's a New Era

As I sit alone in my room, Bon Iver echoes throughout the underground dwelling I now call home. As I contemplate how much life has changed lately, I smile, because it is good. I've moved and am now procrastinating producing poetry for my university course. I spent about 2 hours learning today, about things that I love. I spent even more time sitting on luscious grass basking in the sun. Oh, the life I lead.

Welcome to University.

Life is good and I am no longer the confused aimless youth who created this blog, rather I am now a driven confused aimless youth who will continue writing this blog.

So here we go.

I went to school today, as I am supposed to. Following my film studies class I went to my favourite spot, to start and finish work, lo and behold was I in for a surprise. Lying there on the ground were empty Starbucks cups and an array of litter.

I really don't get it. How can people be so inconsiderate? I mean is 3 minutes of such strenuous labour really that bad. The garbage can wasn't 5 feet away. Sometimes I become disillusioned with the people we share this world with. It seems as time goes on they get more and more unbearable, whether it be their unfailing inconsideration or their arrogance, it just doesn't seem as if I, or many of the people I hold near and dear, are of the same species. The thing that gets me is that if trends don't change it's these type of people that will end up becoming our lawyers and CEO's and they, undoubtedly, will not change.

But what can you do short of stooping to their level.

In other news I have a band everyone needs to listen to. A friend of mine from my Film Art class, Sway, is the lead singer and man has he got a set of pipes:


Check them out, they're well worth your time! They also put on a hell of a live show.

Well I'm off to finish some poetry.