Monday, December 21, 2009

The Olympic Torch, or rather the letdown of it.

The Olympic torch ran through the weary out of the way town I live in on Sunday. Should be the cause for celebration and excitement right? Wrong.

Instead of a weary tired out runner who ran through my town it was a seventeen year old girl, which honestly I wouldn't have had a problem with, that is if she was running.
Yes, she was caked in make-up as if she were about to attend prom, she didn't run, she jogged, she jogged (If you can call it that) for about 10 feet, then got back on a bus which promptly drove off. I honestly thought that it was called the "running of the torch" for a reason, because they were running the torch across Canada. Evidently not. Another letdown was the passing of the flame, rather than putting one torch to another it was a lantern box that the light with, oh and they used a........ barbecue lighter.
Although this was somewhat salvaged by the "noise makers" that were handed out to the crowd, presumably either to appeal to all the hockey fans as they were replicas of those seen at hockey games or to make up for the letdown that the organizers of the run knew it really was.

All in all my impression beforehand was that I would be attending a patriotic ceremony and experiencing Canada's "running" of the torch. Instead I experienced Canada's "Jogging for15 feet and driving in a luxury bus" of the torch. This stirring not one patriotic or prideful sentiment.

So don't go with expectations, because it will most likely just let you down. Rather enjoy the "running" of the torch and use it to your own advantage like the certain aboriginals who are "protesting the Olympics as a call to fair treatment of aboriginal people in Canada." (
Now that's patriotic.