Friday, October 30, 2009

the darkest rooms are full of the unknown monsoons

i want to know all about you
the different
singing the time
teeming with love
trying to break
to live
to breath
to scream
to cry
the chaos
and refuses to leave to contemplate to skate its way through history.
an undiscovered mystery.
love discovery of the new dark
the roman rule
a punishment merited by love and its cruel minions.
a new ordeal
a calvary charging to battle
something new as you.
believe its just a sign that this is a cry into the dark.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Life Is A Question Mark

Life is a question mark
a never ending dark
Yielding what we ought
and what we naught
The ocean at the footings
it keeps on pushing
Till the lying love is washed away

Life is a question mark
punctuation at grand central station
The train departs
like a leaving lark
To who knows when
and who knows where

Life is a question mark
posed and poised
To wreck havoc
upon the unsuspecting maverick

Life is a question mark
but what is the question
Life is the question
and the question mark
Its eternal companion

Life is a question mark
never leaving
never seizing

Life is a question mark
unexplainable confusion
A cerebral contusion
Life is an illusion
of perceived emotion
Distraught motion

Life is a question mark
never explained
but still maimed

Life is a question mark
impossible to figure out


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I have no followers, is this due to the fact that I don't post often enough? Or because I have spent since September 17th writing a philosophical piece on knowledge?
let that be a reason to become a follower!
ohh... a philosophical piece on Knowledge? Whats better?


A Philosophical piece on knowledge coming soon .. to a blog near you....

The Education Questamation.

When did knowledge gain a price..?

A look at the current education systems reveals that knowledge is no longer priceless, in fact knowledge being priceless, or at least thought of as priceless has completely vanished. Up until the end of high school knowledge is free and in a sense mandatory. But when one chooses to pursue knowledge of their own accord in a field in which they have significant interest, this being university, it costs thousands. Now isn't knowledge something that should be passed on without a price? A professor is educated and gains knowledge and then is paid to pass it on while universities charge exorbitant amounts, in order to supplement what, a pristine campus and the athletic program? How is it that something that does not physically exist gains a price, a metaphysical object with a price. It makes sense to assume that at a certain point universities or groups which pass on knowledge needed or decided to fund a building or a needed to charge a price, most likely called a membership price, which only makes sense. But then human nature stepped in and greed took hold.

The reality is that it wasn't greed that created the price of knowledge but rather the need to keep a lower class of people. Universities began to charge tuition because free education combined with the higher living standard, present following the second world war, produced an enlarge middle class and education inflation. Apparently education of the masses isn't profitable to all. Which leads to the root cause of the absurd prices. Who decided that educated masses and an enlarged middle class wasn't a good thing? If an enlarged middle class existed then it follows that the said middle class would either mean less poverty stricken people or less absurdly rich folks. As people who are fed up with these prices (Assumption- I'm not the only one am I?) we need to openly question these preposterous prices. Boycott this tainting of knowledge is what needs to come about. Openly and publicly defying this is the appropriate response and is imperative.

Rise up and preserve knowledge's priceless nature!

Sadly this will never happen as society has fallen into the rut of unquestioning obedience. So for years students will go into debt for the sake of knowledge and the thirst to learn.

But that's the way its supposed to be creating a nation without an enlarged middle population,
educated public and full of debt stricken graduates.

Life as it should be is just so logical and straightforward.


Musical Quote of the Day
My My My heart like a kick drum
My My My love like a voice
-Avett Brothers, Kick Drum Heart